Mold RFC | Under 13s 45 - 0 Wrexham RFC | Under 13s
Rhys Cochran
Conversion 5
Try 1
Rowan McManus
Try 1
Jack Smith
Try 2
Jude Birse
Try 2
Ellis Rogers
Try 1

Match Report
09 October 2023 / Team News

Mold u13's played like a wrecking ball as Wrexham fail to score

Mold Demolishes Wrexham with a Resounding 45-0 Victory in second RGC Junior Cup Competition game


In a highly anticipated rugby clash, Mold emerged as the clear victors with a dominant 45-0 triumph over Wrexham. From the first whistle to the final play, Mold showcased their superiority in every aspect of the game, leaving Wrexham struggling to find any foothold.


Right from the kick-off, Mold set the tone, displaying their attacking prowess and tactical astuteness. Their backline weaved intricate patterns, while their forward pack provided a solid foundation, enabling them to breach Wrexham's defense with ease, Wrexham, to their credit, fought valiantly to contain Mold's relentless attacking waves. However, Mold's precision passing, incisive running lines, and exceptional support play proved too much for Wrexham's defense to handle. Mold's ability to exploit even the smallest gaps allowed them to score a series of early tries, setting the tone for the rest of the match.

As the game progressed, Mold's dominance only grew more apparent. Their superior fitness and conditioning allowed them to maintain a high tempo, leaving Wrexham gasping for breath. Mold's players constantly communicated, ensuring seamless transitions and cohesive team play.

Wrexham, determined to salvage some pride, launched sporadic counter-attacks, but Mold's defense proved to be unyielding. Mold's players showcased their exceptional tackling skills, shutting down Wrexham's every attempt to break through their line.

In the second half, Mold continued to pile on the pressure, consistently breaking through Wrexham's defense to score try after try. Their ability to retain possession and recycle the ball quickly left Wrexham scrambling to regain control.

Ultimately, however, it was Mold's day. Their comprehensive performance showcased their superiority in all aspects of the game. Their attacking prowess, disciplined defense, and impeccable execution were simply unmatched, leaving Wrexham with no answers.

Mold's resounding 45-0 victory is a testament to their complete dominance on the field. Their clinical finishing, intelligent game management, and relentless pressure overwhelmed Wrexham, leaving no doubt about the deserving outcome.

Overall, the match between Wrexham and Mold was a lopsided affair, with Mold emerging as clear winners. Their exceptional skill set, cohesive team play, and unwavering determination secured them a resounding victory, while Wrexham can take solace in their fighting spirit despite the scoreline.

Tries: Jack Smith x2, Ellis Rogers x1, Rhys Cochran x1, Jude Birse x2, Rowan McManus x1

Conversations: Rhys Cochran x5

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