Newtown RFC | Under 13s 0 - 19 Mold RFC | Under 13s
Ellis Rogers
1 Try
Harri Williams
1 Try
Rowan McManus
1 Try
Rhys Cochran
2 Conversion

Match Report
09 October 2023 / Team News

Mold u13's go old school with Newtown

In Mold u13's third RGC Junior Cup Competition game

Mold emerged triumphant with a commendable 19-0 win over Newtown. Both teams showcased their tenacity and skill throughout the match, but it was Mold who ultimately proved to be the stronger side.

Right from the kickoff, it was evident that both teams were determined to assert their dominance. The game began with a flurry of tackles and fierce rucks, as both sides fought tooth and nail to gain territorial advantage. However, it was Mold who managed to break the deadlock, capitalizing on a well-executed set-piece move to score the opening try.

Newtown, despite conceding early, refused to back down and fought back with vigor. Their defense held strong, denying Mold further opportunities to extend their lead. Time and again, Newtown's players showcased their resilience, putting their bodies on the line to prevent any further scoring.

Mold, however, continued to press forward relentlessly. Their disciplined and organized attack allowed them to maintain control of the game, patiently building phases and maintaining possession. Their hard work paid off when they successfully breached Newtown's defense once again, crossing the try line for their second try of the match.

Newtown, while struggling to find their rhythm, never lost their determination. They launched numerous counter-attacks, trying to break through Mold's defense, but were met with stern resistance. Mold's defensive line held firm, showcasing their ability to quickly close down space and shut down Newtown's attacking opportunities.

The second half saw Newtown regrouping and making a valiant effort to turn the tide. They intensified their defensive efforts, denying Mold any easy scoring opportunities. Newtown's players displayed remarkable courage and teamwork, putting pressure on Mold's attack and forcing errors.

However, Mold remained composed and focused, refusing to let Newtown's resurgence derail their momentum. With their strong set-piece and clinical execution, Mold managed to secure a third try, widening the gap on the scoreboard.

As the match drew to a close, both teams continued to battle fiercely, displaying unwavering commitment. Newtown desperately sought to breach Mold's defense and put points on the board, but their efforts were in vain. Mold's resolute defense held strong until the final whistle, securing their well-deserved 19-0 victory.

Mold's triumph can be attributed to their cohesive teamwork, astute game management, and clinical finishing. Their ability to capitalize on scoring opportunities and maintain defensive solidity ultimately proved too much for Newtown to overcome.

Both teams should be commended for their spirited performance and determination. Newtown fought admirably, displaying resilience and never giving up despite the scoreline. Mold, on the other hand, showcased their skill, discipline, and composure, earning a hard-fought victory.

In the end, Mold's 19-0 win over Newtown serves as a testament to their overall superiority on the day. Their ability to capitalize on opportunities and their defensive prowess secured a well-deserved victory, while Newtown can take pride in their valiant effort throughout the match.

Tries: Ellis Rogers x1, Rowan McManus x1, Harri Williams x1

Conversations: Rhys Cochran x2

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